With our London to Brighton taking place tomorrow, Saturday, 23rd September, we thought we’d take a moment to share a real head-to-toe heartwarming throwback of joy with you from our Cycle Ibiza Challenge. Life is full of stories, chance meetings and opportunities, and we love that; we love that by taking a risk and stepping out of your comfort zone, you can create magic for yourself and others.

So, with that in mind, we caught up with Lauren, one of our Cycle Ibiza cyclists, to learn more about why she stepped up to change lives and save lives and the difference the experience made to her. 

Why did you get involved with Last Night A DJ Saved My Life in the first place?

I was looking online for a cycle challenge in Ibiza and found the 2018 Ibiza Cycle Challenge and immediately signed up. I did it alone as my friend couldn’t do the dates, but I had the best experience.

Why is our organisation important to you?

The group behind the charity works tirelessly to raise money and do great things for children and communities who need it most. They have made a real impact in villages with very little and for children whose lives have been changed with the donated money.

Do you have a personal connection to our mission? 

On the first LNADJ cycle challenge in Ibiza in 2018, my father had just died, so I focused on every effort in his memory. In a unique turn of events on that challenge, I met my now partner and father to our little girl, so it is easy to say that LNADJ and that challenge will always be very close to my heart.

I have met some friends for life, and we look forward to regrouping with the team for as many fundraising events as possible.

cycle Ibiza

What do you love most about us?

We love the people. The group behind LNADJ are wonderful, and we have made lifelong friends. They work so hard behind the scenes to bring people together, raise even more money, and make a more significant difference to those who need it.

How did you prepare for the cycle challenge?

For the first one, I trained really hard, cycling every weekend in the Surrey hills and aiming to do 70-100 miles a week before the challenge. This year was a bit difficult as my partner and I were running the London marathon, so we quickly switched from running to using the peloton and some weekend Richmond Park rides to get the cycle fitness up.

It was the fittest I’ve been, but it still doesn’t prepare you for some of the beastly hills in the north of Ibiza!

Do you have any tips for anyone looking to get involved next year?

Sign up immediately! You will love it. The people, the stunning cycle routes of Ibiza, the fun lunches and rest stops and dinners and the achievement of what is a tough challenge, and you’re raising money for a really important charity.

You do need to train. The second year I did it I didn’t train very much, and I really felt it, so get out on the bike, a peloton, or watt bikes as much as you can the three months before.

What kept you going?

With any challenge, you keep going as you’re doing it for a good cause, and the sense of achievement is amazing. The team is really encouraging, and they will always get you through.

If you’re feeling as inspired as we are and you would like to join our community of riders and cycle with us through some of the most beautiful scenery in Ibiza whilst at the same time raising funds for our Back on Track campaign in support of Angelsgate – a home for street-involved boys in Tanzania learn more about our Ibiza cycle challenge here.

Over three consecutive days, participants will experience the island’s magical scenery and unique undulating terrain; our bike partners Velo Club Ibiza, will expertly plan the daily routes and include the best interior and coastal roads. 

The LNADJ team wishes our London to Brighton cyclists the best of luck this weekend as they take on the iconic route and the biggest love to them and their communities for supporting us on our mission to change lives and save lives.

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