It’s raffle time, but first a story….

A few weeks ago, we received Fatboy Slim in the post. It’s not something that happens every day.

It was an unexpected package, and Fatboy wasn’t alone; Carl Cox joined him.

Our quizzical director, James Holdsworth, jumped straight onto Slack to see if anyone in the team had the answers.

It turns out the mystery package had been sent by local artist THE WONDERFUL Bobby Dazzler.

After we posted about the art contributed to our last fundraiser, Bobby reached out and into our DMs to see how he could support us.

And here we are, with 3 incredible framed illustrations of sunshine in a frame celebrating two of our favourite DJs and longest supporters.

AND guess what? They’re up for raffle! We kick things off with Fatboy Slim, who could be yours for just £3.

All proceeds will come straight to LNADJ and support our work, and we are truly grateful for this.

Art is at the heart of our project, Street to Street.

We have been fortunate enough to help support many children, young people and young adults over the years with world-class artists by our side to deliver life-changing and life-saving workshops serving a creative education to those who need it.

To have another inspiring artist step up to join us on our mission to change lives and save lives means so much!

We caught up with Bobby to find out what inspired his incredible donation…

Bobby Dazzler is a Brighton-based graphic artist & illustrator whose work is typified with a bold colour palette, subtle humour and reverence for pop culture. He regularly exhibits across the South Coast, London and internationally with his work hung in collections around the world.

In this new limited print collection, Bobby pays homage to DJs who helped shape dance music culture. With bespoke illustrations of some of the world’s favourite DJs the works aim to offer a little of the joy and reverence we experience on the dancefloor for these incredible entertainers.

What motivated you to support Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Foundation?

“I first picked up on LNADJ on socials for one of their Cycle Ibiza challenges and after looking a little deeper, found their whole ethos really resonated – sharing the love and giving back through dance music, art and cycling – that’s the charity for me!”

Why is our organisation and giving back important to you?

“From buying my first record at 9yrs old (2Unlimited – No Limits – Don’t judge me) and my first set of decks at 15, dance music has and continues to be an integral part of my life. Whether its listening to new music, creating mixes, sharing tracks with friends, DJing, clubbing or blaring the tunes whilst painting in the studio, I have absolutely no bad memories when dance music is involved. It, like art has the ability to bond people with more than words, across cultures, generations and lives. An organisation who recognises the power of  dance music to create a sense of togetherness and harness it for positivity and the betterment of others is worth getting involved with.”

Do you have a personal connection to our mission, or our project, Street to Street? Can you tell me about it?

“Art as a means of expressing the unspeakable and exploring the subconcious must be nurtured. Having guides that can help and encourage that expression are so important. With only basic materials you can create art that can raise up whole communities. I would not be where I am today without the collaborative guidance of other creatives and in turn I want to give back to help future generations of creatives thrive.”

What do you love about us?

“The passion for music, art and the goodwill of others is evident. Creating innovative ways to raise awareness, spread the LNADJ message and aid youth around the world is what it’s all about.”

You recently donated a piece of artwork for us to raffle. Can you tell us about those pieces of art and how it feels to know you’ll be helping us on our mission to change lives and save lives?

“These works are from a new collection – my most dance-music themed pieces to date. You can never recreate the feeling you get from hearing new music on the dancefloor, but these works aim to offer a little glimpse and feeling of joy and reverence we offer to our favourite DJs in the moment. They’re a fun representation and homage to some of the greatest pioneers on the scene who have help spread the message of dance music and elevate it to the culture we know and love today. I’m very proud to be able to offer these works to LNADJ and contribute to this amazing organisation.”

Bobby Dazzler

Can you tell us about one record that changed or saved your life? 

“Duke – So in love with you (Full Intention Remix) – I don’t think this track gets the recognition it deserves, the vocal on this is insanely beautiful. It’s seen me through make-ups and break-ups, amazing moments on the dancefloor and never leaves my playlists. Nothing touches the Full Intention Remix but I’m always hoping for someone to take it on and give it a re-rub!”

To be in with your chance of winning the first in our Bobby Dazzler raffle series head here!

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From all of us at LNADJ the Biggest Love to our generous donator Bobby Dazzler for joining us on our mission.

Good luck with your entry, entry closes on Thursday 11th April 12:45 GMT.

Big Love x