“Wherever there is a need, LNADJ is there.”

We’re delighted to announce that we’re officially AFEM members: it’s been a long time coming and we’re excited to share our work as we widen our connections in dance music.

AFEM aka The Association For Electronic Music is a global voice for the electronic music industry, representing our community, culture and commerce.

Their global community comprises over 270 member organisations spanning 29 countries and various industry sectors. These organisations represent tens of thousands of industry professionals, artists, and DJs, collectively connecting with millions of electronic music fans worldwide.

Association for Electronic Music team

AFEM team: Georgia Taglietti Jay Ahern, Thilini Jayawickrama, Rosaline Y. Finlay Johnson

To commemorate a long awaited moment and our new membership we caught up with AFEM’s COO Finlay Johnson to find out more!

Why are AFEM excited to have Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Foundation as members?

Electronic Music has always been a scene for and by the youth, so having a charity that specifically supports young people globally with the power of electronic music is vital. They, like us, are a global body but with a local focus, and the fact they physically go into different countries to spread knowledge and the skills of Djing and electronic music whilst also providing life saving support in the name of our scene is amazing and we’re very proud to have them on board as members.

Does AFEM have a personal connection to our mission?

The Get Equipped initiative which takes surplus DJ, Production and Music kits, and distributes it globally whilst educating young people on how to use it is particularly close to our hearts, the future of electronic will be global with hundreds of different scenes and sounds influencing and merging, so anything that support this future, and lowers the barriers to young people becoming DJ’s and music makers is to be celebrated and supported.

What do you love about us and what we do?

We love that you are open to different kinds of humanitarian help from art therapy, to operations to clean drinking water, wherever there is a need LNADJ is there.

What are you looking forward to from our membership?

Connecting our membership with LNADJ to both spread the messaging and work of the charity but also in the other direction I hope our membership will be able to provide their own support and help, to further the cause. We exist to share resources, provide help and make connections in a scene that is made up of thousands of independent managers, creators, labels and companies and we hope to make discovery and collaboration easier.

If you’re in the industry you can learn more about AFEM at the link in the comments.

Big Love and Smiles to AFEM for making Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Foundation feel so very welcome – we appreciate you.

Team LNADJ x

Jonny Lee, James Holdsworth, Vijay Kumar Anand, Ellie Talebian and Andrea.

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