What we do

Pioneering initiatives

Drawing on our expertise in crafting distinctive fundraising campaigns for the music industry, we have supported a diverse range of projects. Recognising the transformative power of music and art education, we believe creative avenues can inspire open minds and hearts,
leading to a brighter future for those we serve.

Have a drink on us

Maximising the impact of every penny spent we provide clean water to those in need, connecting businesses and individuals with world-class water solutions by building fresh water wells. With just £2,400, a community gains access to safe water for years. Donors receive pictures, GPS coordinates, and a plaque bearing their name for the well they funded. Join our “Have A Drink On Us” campaign to drive positive change.

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Get equipped

Our initiative, Get Equipped, donates surplus music equipment to educational and community organisations that support children and young adults in the UK and beyond. With expert guidance from world-class DJs and producers we teach young people how to play, mix, and create music using the equipment, providing access to music education in areas where there isn’t any.

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Set for love

Set for Love is a unique and customisable music event that helps raise funds for Last Night A DJ Saved My Life. Whether you prefer a live stream, club night, BBQ, rave, or birthday party, Set for Love enables you to choose the type of event that suits your style and helps make a difference in the world.

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Back on track

The Back on Track campaign is dedicated to improving the lives of children in developing countries by providing essential resources and support. Through our efforts, we supply food, shelter, education, equipment, and tools to various children’s homes and community projects. Our goal is to empower these young individuals, equipping them with the necessary resources to overcome adversity and build a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

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Smiles for life

Our Smiles for Life campaign provides life-changing cleft palate surgeries for children in the Philippines, gifting them a lifelong smile. With the smiley face as the symbol of the Acid House/Electronic Music movement, a £300 donation can fund a surgery, addressing critical medical issues and bringing joy to a child’s life. We prioritise 100% transparency, ensuring donors receive details about the children they’ve helped.

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Street to Street

Street to Street delivers education and art therapy to young people experiencing social exclusion and inequality. With a focus on both healing and skill development, the program aims to enhance their artistic abilities, empowering them to establish small businesses and support themselves and their communities.

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Festival Partnerships

Festivals generate immense positivity and joy. Our Festival Partnership Programme allows you to harness that energy, paying it forward by making a difference in children’s lives worldwide. Partner with us and fundraise for one of our campaigns, such as building freshwater wells or providing education for vulnerable youth.With 12+ years of experience in fundraising for the electronic music industry, LNADJ offers a trusted bridge between festival brands and charitable giving. We ensure a transparent and straightforward fundraising process, showcasing the impact of your contributions.By leveraging our established infrastructure with global grassroots partners, you can trust that funds raised will reach those in need promptly. Even small donations from many people can make a significant difference, fostering a connection with the communities you support.

Get involved

I’m not a DJ but
I got involved

You don’t have to be a DJ to stand with us in making a difference. There are numerous ways you can contribute to our cause. From embarking on a personal challenge to hosting a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser, organising a club night or special event, or even spearheading a company-wide fundraising initiative, every effort counts towards transforming and saving lives. We invite you to join our mission and make an impact together.

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