Festival Partnership

Festival Partnership

Our Festival Partnership Programme was launched in 2022, and we were delighted to have
Secret Garden Party as our first partner.

about the programme

Secret Garden Party raised an incredible £16,343 for our Have A Drink On Us Campaign by adding just £1 to every ticket for their 2022 festival.

Thanks to our funding, we were able to provide clean and safe water to children and families in six different villages across Africa and India through the creation of six new wells.

Watch our video to witness the incredible impact Secret Garden Party has made on the lives of over 5000 people.


why should I get involved?

We see Festivals as a musical playground for positive energy, connection, fun and happiness. Our Festival Partnership Programme offers the opportunity to take that collective energy and go one step further – paying it forward and giving something back.

Partner with us and make a difference in the lives of children around the world by fundraising for one of our campaigns at your festival. Whether it's building freshwater wells or providing education and training for vulnerable young people, we have a range of projects that you can support.

With over 12 years of experience in creating fundraising initiatives for the electronic music industry, LNADJ offers a trusted connection between festival brands and charitable giving. We provide a simple and transparent way for festivals to fundraise and showcase their impact.
We have spent years building an efficient infrastructure for working with our grassroots partners on the ground across the globe. By working with us, you can have complete confidence that the funds you raise will be directed where they are most needed and will make a quick impact. We provide full transparency, allowing you to see where your support is making a difference, giving you a sense of ownership over the projects and a meaningful connection with the communities you are supporting.

Small donations from a large number of people can make a significant impact. With your support, we can make a big difference in the lives of those in need.

How can I help?

Some easy ways you can fundraise through your festival

Add a fixed donation to the ticket.
Mandatory donation for guest list.
Consider setting up contactless donation points at bars throughout the festival.
Consider implementing a bar token system where any unused tokens can be donated to our cause.
Set up an awareness stand on-site to sell merchandise and raise awareness for our cause.

How does it work?

The process is easy – here’s a step by example

Choose which campaign you would like to fundraise for, e.g, Have a Drink On Us, Back on Track, Get Equipped and Smiles For Life.
Choose your method of fundraising (e.g £1 on every ticket).
Include information about our campaign in your event promotions. We will provide you with all the necessary assets and information to make it easy to spread the word and engage with your audience.
Start raising funds for our cause as soon as your event goes on sale.
We will distribute the funds you raise to your chosen campaign and provide you with content to share with your fans, audience and attendees. This content may include photos and updates that showcase the impact of your support, giving you a tangible connection to the difference you have made.
As your guests arrive at the event, they will feel uplifted, knowing the impact that you have collectively made through your support.

what will I receive?

We will provide you with assets and logos to support your pre-event promotions and fundraising efforts.
We will provide you with photos and feedback from the projects you support, allowing you to share this information with your audience.
If you choose to support our Have A Drink on Us Campaign, we will place a plaque dedicated to your brand at the well, featuring your logo. We will also share photos of the well and plaque with you, allowing you to see the impact of your support and the difference you have made.