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Get equipped

With a creative approach driven by charitable action, our pioneering initiative Get Equipped takes surplus DJ, Production and Music kits, donating them to educational and community organisations that support children and young adults in the UK and beyond. With expert guidance from our team of world-class DJs and producers, we teach young people how to play, mix and make new music using the donated kit giving access to music education
where there isn’t any.


In the UK, we collaborate with outstanding charities that strive to support young people in their creative development and mental health by offering music education and training. For instance, we have partnered with Getaway Girls in Leeds and provided them with a range of musical instruments including DJ equipment, acoustic, electric, and bass guitars, and a small PA system. This year, we are aiming to take our collaboration a step further by providing music teachers and starting a music production course to enhance the learning experience of these young talents. Similarly, we have worked with Key Changes to support the establishment of music production studios and provide DJ equipment. We believe that providing such resources will enable the charity to offer better training opportunities and enable young people to explore their musical talents and unleash their full potential. Through these partnerships, we are committed to supporting the growth and development of young musicians and nurturing their mental health and wellbeing through the power of music.

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We work with grassroots charities worldwide to empower young people through music. For instance, we supported WAYout Arts in Sierra Leone by providing them with DJ equipment and mobile production studios, helping them to offer a platform for creativity and self-expression.In Tanzania, Angels Gate Home for Street-Involved Boys provides a safe space for young boys to pursue their creative talents and transform their communication, confidence, and expression. Our support in providing musical instruments has helped to create a nurturing environment for these boys who have had a tough life on the streets.We have also funded the construction of a music room at the Girls Development Centre in The Philippines and provided musical instruments and training to equip the center. This support has provided young girls with a platform to develop their musical skills and enhance their overall wellbeing.Recently, we have also supported Bridges for Music in Cape Town, South Africa, providing young people from townships with an opportunity to attend their music academy and hone their skills in music production. Through these collaborations, we aim to provide young people with the tools they need to pursue their passion for music and unlock their full potential.


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If you’re a manufacturer looking to donate get in touch with us to find out more about how your organisation can support this project including advice on tax break donations.

Together we can all change lives through the power of music.

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