Volunteer Spotlight: Colin Dale!

“After I heard the stories and what some of the kids in Tanzania had been through, I felt honoured to be a part of the trip out there. I’d seen the videos of past ventures and was amazed at how much the kids were taking away from it.” – Colin Dale 💙

Colin honed his skills spinning soul, funk, and boogie tunes in clubs and on pirate radio at Phase One until securing a spot on Kiss FM in 1986. For 16 years after that, Dale established himself as London’s equivalent of The Wizard, captivating audiences with his Abstrakt Dance show and accompanying Outer Limits mix CDs, introducing a new generation to the pioneering sounds of Detroit, Chicago, and beyond.

Dale is a pioneering DJ, recognized for his early exploration of the interplay between funk, boogie, and proto-house, evolving through phases of industrial techno, Detroit techno, acid, and now the mellower tech-house vibes he expertly weaves today.

Beyond his DJ prowess, Dale has left an indelible mark on UK dance music culture, having been a dancer, promoter of iconic parties like Knowledge, as well as an artist manager and label owner.

His production and remix credits span from early releases on Paul Oakenfold’s Perfecto label to the EPs he continues to release on Abstrakt Dance Records. Unwilling to rest on the laurels of his past successes, Dale remains an active force on the London club scene, tirelessly pushing the boundaries of his sound into the future.

We cannot wait for Colin to join us next week. Like Seamus Haji this is Colin’s first venture with LNADJ!

As he prepares for his adventure in Tanzania, we’re confident it will be an enriching experience. His dedication to dance music culture promises to bring inspiration to the boys at Angels Gate Centre, fostering meaningful connections and positive growth.

Colin will work with Seamus Haji to represent our Get Equipped initiative to help build confidence, elevate the positive profile of street youth, and provide a safe space to learn whilst encouraging self-discovery, stress relief and emotional release through the power of music and art.

We caught up with Colin to find out why he’s joining us Tanzania…

          What specific skills or strengths do you believe you bring to the team for this experience?

“After being involved in dance music for 35 years, I’ve got a lot of things I’ve done in the past I can draw on, which include DJ and music producer, 18 years on London Kiss FM Radio as a presenter, various conferences and have travelled the World doing my craft as well. I’m keen to pass on any knowledge I can.”

What do you hope to gain personally and professionally from joining us in Tanzania?

“I think, personally, it could be life-changing. Working with young people will allow me to give something back, and I’m sure I’ll learn a lot from the experience. On a professional level, I’m not doing this with that in mind……. it’s purely about connecting with the kids.”

Our charity’s mission is centred around changing lives and saving lives. How do you see yourself contributing to furthering this mission during the experience?

“We’ve been talking about me getting involved with the charity for quite a while, so it’s great to see it come to fruition. I’ve known Vijay, James and Jonny at the charity for years and have done many events with Vijay & James, so I am well used to working as a team with them. During the trip, I’ll be looking to share my experience on social media and, in turn, help spread awareness of the charity and its goals. I’ll also be fundraising, which will be fantastic while I’m out there with the kids.”


          Why is our organisation and giving back important to you?

“It’s very important we have organisations like this as they can potentially change lives.”

What do you love about us?

“It’s a fantastic team at LNADJ, and there’s a positive, friendly vibe. How can you not love people willing to lend a helping hand to the less fortunate?”

Can you tell us about one record that changed or saved your life?

“Robert Owens – I’ll be Your Friend!”

From all of us at LNADJ, Big Big Love to Colin for stepping up to join us on our mission to change lives and save lives, we cannot wait to follow your journey and learn about the impact you have on the young people we support.

If you’d like to learn more about Get Equipped, head here.

Please head to Colin’s Just Giving page here to support Colin and help fund this project.

Thank you, and as always, Big Love

Team LNADJ x