Leeds-born Danny Savage, a leading innovator in the music industry, is proud to announce his latest big challenge to support Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Foundation with an endurance test culminating years of training and a passion for dance music culture and its unparalleled power to unite.

As head honcho at Mixmasters, the world-leading community for electronic artists looking to gain the knowledge, tools and tactics to make a career in the music industry, Danny is no stranger to music education and its positive impact on students, making him a perfect fit to lead fundraising efforts for Last Night A DJs Get Equipped. Mixmasters have already donated £10,000 worth of production course retreat days to our cause, enabling beneficiary Mash P to develop his skills as an artist.

100-mile run

With a creative approach driven by charitable action, Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Foundation’s pioneering initiative Get Equipped takes surplus DJ, Production and Music kits, donating them to educational and community organisations that support children and young adults in the UK and beyond.

With support from a team of world-class DJs and producers, they teach young people how to play, mix and make new music using the donated kit, giving access to music education where there isn’t any.

Danny’s keen eye for talent has seen him responsible for discovering many of today’s top DJs and breaking them onto the scene long before they made it big, nurturing local and lesser-known names and building them into major players. He was also instrumental in building a radio station in Malawi, helping train staff and volunteers and creating life-changing opportunities for those involved.

Like many creatives in the music industry, Danny faced challenges with mainstream education and its one-size-fits-all approach to learning; in time, a set of decks changed his life and opened up a world of possibilities and exciting and varied career paths. Danny openly draws on his personal experience to help shape his understanding of music education and knows that giving people the tools to learn and experience life differently is central to success.

Danny is no stranger to changing and saving lives, with Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Foundation participating in two trips to deliver their Get Equipped project. Having reached the summit of Kilimanjaro with the charity back in 2019 and visiting their projects in Tanzania, he said,

“I love Get Equipped and its possibilities. I have seen the project’s impact and what it means to children and young adults. It was a moving, vibrant, educational and cultural experience. My time in Tanzania was magical and punctuated when we arrived, set up equipment and ‘You Got the Love’ was played. That was a real magical moment of things coming together and something I will never forget.”

Danny will run the Pilgrims’ Ultra 100 mile on Saturday, 9th September 2023, to raise £15,000 to build a new music studio in Sierra Leone, Africa, at WAYout Arts, a project he will visit this year with Last Night A DJ Saved My Life.

Competing in the 100-mile Pilgrims Ultra Marathon UK results from hard work, research and a lust for life. Utilising all the experience he has gained through trail running and physical challenges, this run will surpass all the others Danny has taken part in.

Danny has worked tirelessly to get to this point, building on his resilience and capacity to take on something truly exceptional for the love of helping others. Jonny Lee, the charity’s Founder, said,

“We’re thrilled to announce Danny’s challenge. By their very nature, Ultra marathons are considered one of the most demanding endurance events a person can participate in, and I’m in awe of his determination.”

What makes ultra marathons unique is the sheer physical and mental demands required to complete them. While a standard marathon is challenging in its own right, an ultra marathon requires runners to maintain a steady pace for hours and even days on end. This means that runners must have excellent endurance and the ability to pace themselves throughout the race to avoid hitting the proverbial “wall”.

“I can’t possibly think about failing,” said Danny.

“This is a game-changer for our charity,” said Jonny Lee. “Danny is a powerhouse of positivity and always succeeds. His determination is infectious. I have every faith that he’ll not only complete his 100-mile run but hit his £15,000 target, too. I’m so honoured that he has chosen to push himself for the benefit of what we do and the beneficiaries we support.”

100-mile run

Danny’s running journey has seen him take his athleticism to the next level, regularly running 10k, participating in Ibiza trail runs and preparing for the event on Saturday, 9th September. Danny has already signed up for four varied runs. He recommends this to anyone looking to take on a challenge of this magnitude, saying,

“My best advice for anyone looking to start up ultramarathon running or to begin a running journey is just to start! And to book a big run, the bottom line is to go for it.”

With goal setting at the forefront of decision-making, Danny Savage is a man on a mission, “I’m committed to goals and seeing change through.”

With a backwards engineering approach,

“Live the Goal”

as his mantra and unshakable self-belief, Danny’s passion for music education and giving people the tools to succeed aligns with Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Foundation values and mission. He is Get Equipped in motion. We wish him the best of luck in training as he prepares for his 100-mile run this September.

To support Danny on his journey and learn more about his pioneering work in education in the music industry, please click here to visit his fundraising page

Last Night A DJ Saved My Life is a charitable foundation. They create fundraising initiatives to enable music lovers and the music industry to support grassroots projects that make a difference to the lives of children and young people globally.

Working with the world’s biggest music brands and artists, Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Foundation is on a mission to change lives and save lives.

Our work is underpinned by their passion for dance music culture and its power to unite.

With the support of incredible humans like Danny and the power of music and art, we are determined to improve the life experience of young people and their families, supporting them in achieving their full potential.