Today marks World Water Day 2023.

Today we have celebrated the building of our latest wells funded by Camino Partners and Amber D’s 2022 New Year’s Livestream – an outstanding effort which lasted 90 hours and raised £7000!

Amber’s well will support a community of 310 people, with our 91st funded by the wonderful team at Camino Partners supporting 311. Both these life-changing wells were completed this week in Uganda.

This year’s theme of World Water Day is Be the Change, which hopes to encourage consciousness around how we use, consume, and manage water.

Our collective consciousness is aligned with the communities we support through our Have a Drink on Us Campaign, which raises funds to construct wells in parts of Africa & India to provide clean, safe water to the communities that need it most.

To date, we have built 91 wells helping to provide clean water to 61,405 people, and this year we are on a mission to build our 100th!

Around 771 million people worldwide do not have access to safe water. This is roughly one in ten of the world’s population.

We’re working to change that.

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life is passionate about bringing clean water to those currently living without it.

The concept is simple – clean water for all.

One year, one mission, one hundred wells.

Please get involved if you can; we’d love to hear from you whether you want to fundraise, join us, or share this mission with your community.

Your help can really make a difference in the lives of children, young people and their families globally.

Thank you.

Team LNADJ x