The difference a bike ride makes. The difference we believe you can make.

We love our annual challenges.

They’re an eternal reminder of what happens when good people get together.

To us, they represent a symbol of collective energy.

We reflect on our 2022 London to Brighton and think of all the people it helped in Sierra Leone and how the fundraising from a bike ride led to feedback like this:

“You guys are amazing. I am in awe of your work and love to see Freetown start to look vibrant and awake to the possibilities that graffiti brings.”

“You do not know how much of a difference you make.”

“Your presence was life-changing for those who took part and beyond.”

Read that again. Life-changing.

That’s the difference a bike ride makes. That’s the difference we believe you can make.

Our 2022 London to Brighton bike ride was powered by our friends Hunter Gatherer Group, Oyster Partnership, Gramsci, Empiric, and We Are Boutique, raising over £15,000!

Fundraising supported street and disadvantaged young people in Sierra Leone, helping them to access the WAYout arts project and LNADJ’s Get Equipped programme.
With your generous support, our talented team of volunteers were able to head out to Sierra Leone in November 2022 and April 2023 to see this incredible project come to life.
This year we go again, and we can’t wait.
We’re not looking for pro cyclists; we’re not looking for fitness fanatics. We’re looking for awesome humans that feel they can take on the challenge of the iconic London to Brighton bike ride.

Join us on Saturday, 23rd September, for the ride to change lives and save lives.

Learn more about our 2023 London to Brighton and get signed up here.

Big Love,

Team LNADJ x