We’re thrilled to share, that Beatport’s Diversity + Parity Fund has awarded LNADJ $15,000!

Beatport’s Diversity + Parity Fund is an investment initiative to support organisations that focus on underrepresented groups and promote diversity in the music industry.

The fund is dedicated to fostering diversity, equity and inclusion and an ongoing commitment to creating a more inclusive and welcoming space for all.

We’re delighted to receive this grant to continue our work with our partners, Getaway Girls, an organisation dedicated to building confidence, skills, and aspirations in young women.

The grant will allow us to take Get Equipped at Getaway Girls to a new level. We’ll train the girls and young women at Getaway Girls in DJ training and music production.


Getaway Girls


“The electronic music community is filled with vibrant groups of creative people who want to make our industry and world better,” said Sofia Ilyas, Chief Community Officer of The Beatport Group. “The recipients of our second annual Diversity + Parity Fund exemplify the spirit of positive change, and it is our hope that their endeavours will resonate in powerful ways across our industry.”


Beatport Diversity + Parity Fund


Our founder, Jonny Lee, said, “Receiving the funding from Beatport for our UK Get Equipped project will no doubt help us to be able to educate and empower the girls and young women at Getaway Girls. Harnessing the power of music via education is what Last Night A DJ Saved My Life champions.”

Vijay, our Commercial Director, added, “The award will be used to train, educate, and mentor 32 young women at Getaway Girls in Leeds in the wonderful world of DJing and electronic music production.
We look forward to this journey.

The fund will help us cover the costs of educators, music software, and equipment necessary to deliver this program. It is crucial that we provide every individual in need, with the opportunity to discover their creative potential. Often, this leads to significant personal breakthroughs. ”

Flavia, Director of Getaway Girls, said, “A massive thanks from everyone at Getaway Girls to Jonny and Vijay and everyone at Last Night A DJ Saved My Life for the fantastic partnership, for support with the Media room as part of DIY SOS and continued support getting opportunities for girls in music and courses. And thanks to Beatport for the funding to bring our media room to life with some great courses. The girls will love the DJ and Music production courses. It will be amazing to see many girls learning skills from inspirational women in music and then running DJ and music sessions for other girls. We’re all excited. We can’t wait.”



We’ll keep you updated on this exciting new project as it unfolds!

Our deepest gratitude to the Getaway Girls team and all at Beatport for their support and belief in the power of music to change lives and save lives. Thank you, Sofia Ilyas, Gareth Halsall and Grace Phillips.

To learn more about Get Equipped and its possibilities, please get in touch.

Big Love,