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“Our mission is to use the power of music to create a sustainable future for children in developing countries”

Summer of Love Campaign

Building on the success of our previous Set For Love events, our Summer of Love campaign is a month of live events and livestreams to raise funds for children in developing countries.

We’ll kick off the Summer of Love with a weekender launching on Friday 18th June, featuring headline sets from an all star cast of global DJs to be announced.

We invite you to join them and be a part of the big weekender!! However, as some parts of the world start to emerge from lockdown, we’re adding live events into the mix too – taking Set For Love back to its original concept! This means Set For Love will then continue for a WHOLE MONTH! Giving those of you in a position to do a live event fundraiser more time to organise one if you need it. You may also wish to host a live event during the big weekender, depending on restrictions in your location.  It’s up to you, the Summer of Love is about getting creative and doing what YOU feel comfortable with.

Whilst in many parts of the world it’s a time for celebration and reconnection, let’s not forget what we have learned during lockdown about the importance of giving and helping others. We want to continue to use the power of music to save and change the lives of children in developing countries. Do you want to join us?

Set For Love made headlines around the globe last year when, together with you, we created the world’s largest simultaneous DJ livestream.  A movement born during the depths of lockdown, our aim was to unite DJs and save lives.

Thousands of you took part from over 80 countries, promoting your sets to friends, family and fans and asking for donations.  A whopping £128K was raised as a result, providing emergency relief to children and families in developing countries who were suffering drastic consequences of lockdown. 

 Set For Love has been unique in bringing DJs of all levels together, from bedroom DJs to A list superstars.  Influential artists including Carl Cox, Anfisa Letyago, Sasha, Eats Everything, Miss Monique and Nightmares On Wax played a leading role.

Now it’s time to take Set For Love to the next level with the Summer of Love where we’ll be raising funds for a number of our ongoing LNADJ campaigns that support children in crisis in developing countries, scroll down for more info or click register now!

Funds raised from our Summer of Love will be directed towards a number of LNADJ campaigns that support children in crisis in developing countries, as follows:


Get Equipped

This project provides DJ and music equipment, musical instruments, music teachers, training and facilities to schools and various educational and community projects around the world.  We are seeing amazing examples of how Get Equipped is changing the lives of young people through music.  For example, at Angels Gate home for Street Involved Boys in Tanzania, where having a safe space to pursue creativity is having a transformative effect on the confidence, communication and expression of boys who have had a very tough life on the streets.  The benefits of which will be felt for their lifetime.

Through the Summer of Love you can help us to continue to support these projects as well as new ones including Bridges For Music in Capetown, South Africa.

Back on track

This campaign provides food, shelter, education, equipment and the tools for a better life at a variety of children’s homes and community projects in developing countries. This includes supporting special needs children and street involved children. Upcoming projects include;

– Providing food and nutritional support for special needs children’s home at Wellspring Children’s Home in Uganda
– Sponsoring education for special needs children at Featherstale in Tanzania – it costs only £160 per year per child
– Continuing our support of the project to get kids out of labour and into education in Tanzania –  just £150 a year covers a child’s school fees with nutritional support
– Funding vocational training for boys at Angels Gate home, helping to give them valuable skills to be able to support themselves and transform their opportunities for a brighter future – 200 a year
– Find a shaded exercise area at Feathers Tale so the children can get exercise outside, the project will cost £2450 and will benefit 85 special needs children on a daily basis
– Nepal – working with our partner Pipal Tree to support the educational needs of children from marginalized communities where a little can go a long way

£10 can provide stationery for a girl for 1 year
£25 can provide school uniform (including school bag and shoes) for a girl for 1 year
£50 can provide college fee for higher education of a young person for 6 months
£100 can provide an extra support teacher for free tuition to 200 students for a month

Once again we’ll also be supporting our partner charity  Indigo Children’s fund – a UK charity helping underprivileged children around the world with a particular focus on access to education, healthcare and safe accommodation.  We’ve recently helped them to build a Girls Development Centre in The Phillipines, rehabilitating children rescued from sex trafficking and abuse. We are currently selecting the next building programme to support through Summer of Love, watch out for updates on that. 

Have a drink on us

This campaign funds the construction of fresh water wells in parts of  India and Africa including Uganda, Mozambique, South Sudan, Malawi, The Gambia and Tamil Nadu. Providing clean, safe water to communities that need it the most is saving and changing thousands of lives.  The wells can serve communities of up to 1000 people for up to 10 years.  This benefits the whole community but especially the young girls of school age who are traditionally the water collectors in the family. Instead of spending hours a day finding water,  children can receive an education.

This global pandemic has highlighted even more the importance of access to clean safe water and sanitation yet sadly we live in a world where 785 million people still do not have access to this basic essential of life.

Thanks to Set For Love funds we’ve been able to bring our  total constructednumber of wells to 73 in Africa and India, meaning clean water daily for approximately 49, 817 people. This is saving and improving lives every day, thanks to your contributions.

Just £15 will provide a family with clean, safe water for the next ten years!

Smiles for life

Smiles For Life is an LNADJ campaign that provides cleft lip and cleft palate operations for children in The Philippines, transforming their lives.  

Children born with cleft palates can face a variety of challenges including difficulty feeding, hearing problems, speech difficulties and dental difficulties.  Children with clefts may also face social, emotional and behavioural problems due to differences in appearance and the stress of intensive medical care.

However, cleft lip and cleft palate can be corrected. In most babies, a series of surgeries can restore normal function and achieve a more normal appearance with minimal scarring.

With a donation of just £300 it’s possible to fund a cleft palate operation.  Donors receive details of the operations they have funded.

The smiley face is the symbol of electronic music culture and to give the gift of a smile for life is priceless.



LNADJ Ambassador DJ E.A.S.E aka Nightmares On Wax, headlining the 1st Set For Love event at Las Dalias, Ibiza in 2019.

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