Street to Street is a collaboration between Last Night A DJ Saved My Life & London Westbank Art Gallery.  It’s key objective is to raise funds to support the living & educational costs of children that are experiencing social exclusion and trauma.



Street to Street is a new LNADJ art project that is being launched with the collaborative efforts of Ambassador Paul Dizzy Saunders from London Westbank.

Our aim is to engage with street artists; creating art to support young people and communities that face social exclusion and trauma.

 the project will engage high profile international street artists to raise awareness & funds through the street / urban art community. The first phase launches on Jan 27th 2019 with the help of local graffiti artist group Wachata crew and renowned artists Inkie, George ‘SEN-1’ Morillo (New York), Nicolas Dixon & Chapter ; who will travel to Tanzania to help develop the creative skills of the young people from a street involved boys home called Angelsgate, which houses around 26 lads aged 8-18 most of which have had a harsh beginning on the streets from Sex Slavery through to Heroin addiction at ages as young as 11.

The artists and young people will also be creating collaborative pieces of art on the walls on the new, LNADJ music school which was funded by Loopmasters, who are also supporting this phase of the project.

This will provide them with various skills to enable them to set up small businesses such as screen printing, mural painting etc. helping them to support themselves & their community.

 All of the artists have also all agreed to donate a piece of their art work which can be auctioned online through LNADJ/Westbank to self-fund this art project, materials and the travel costs involved Funds raised above the project budget can be also used to fund the Angelsgate home.

With on-going counselling, home education, and school education and 24 hour access to on-site ‘big brothers’ and carers, the centre does its best to help the boys to heal, and move on from where they have been, both physically, and mentally.

 Angels Gate pioneered a very new approach in Tanzania, using male carers, instead of the typical women. They discovered that these ‘big brothers’ as they are called, interact better with the boys, and then in return the boys open up in a better way too.

 Some boys of course can’t manage at school after all they have faced, and so options for vocational training, or artistic pursuits are also a necessity for their fresh start in life.

 We hope that this first phase of the project will inspire many more artists to get involved and become a part of an Art auction due to be hosted in London this summer, Smile Britannia. This follows on from the success of the first Smile Britannia charity art auction in the Houses of Parliament, hosted by MP Mike Weatherby in 2013, which raised over £80,000 and featured pieces by Banksy, Nick Walker and the first graffiti painting in the House of Parliament, by Inkie himself. Buyers included DJ fatboy Slim.

This will feature at least 40 artists and will then create a funding pot for many more art projects to be rolled out across East Africa and other countries supporting street involved young people.

Jonny Lee (LNADJ Founder) : ‘Launching Street to Street will enable us to develop talents in developing countries and be a great form of therapy for all involved’.

Inkie: I’m looking forward to seeing the results of all the hard work Last night a DJ saved my Life have done in Tanzania and helping to educate the locals in new art forms and techniques, brightening up the school with some murals and getting inspired by the local artists and the Masai Culture.

Nicolas Dixon: I am deeply humbled to be part of this project, going to Tanzania as part of the Last night a DJ saved my life team. I’m looking forward to meeting the children & staff of Angelsgate & contributing to the already amazing work that is going on there and leave them with skills that will help them in the future.

George Morillo: Thank you to everyone involved and everyone that has supported this project especially “DJ Saved My Life”, “Street To Street” and my fellow Artists. I’m honoured and humbled to be in such an amazing position now as an adult that came out of America’s urban, NYC ghettos of the 1960’s, 70’s, and 80’s. I’m from a community in which no one was meant to survive and very few did. Now it’s crazy to find myself in a position to join and work with some amazing people that have a similar but harder experience. I’m hoping to be able to pass over some of the cultural survival tools that helped many of us here back in those days. I’m also looking forward to visiting such an incredible place (the Mother Land) as I grew up knowing it as. I actually can’t believe that I’m visiting and painting in Tanzania, Africa. But most of all I’m looking forward to learning just as much from the youth as they will learn from me. Peace “SEN-1”

Paul Saunders comments: “So once again here we are about to embark on another great project. Lets add some colour to someone’s life and help them whilst doing so. This is just the beginning of what I am sure will be a project to rival the success of the Houses of Parliament event. We are proud at London Westbank Gallery to be part of this initiative; proving art really can make a difference.

Donations can be made here : Just Giving

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