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Are you a DJ or promoter? Would you like to join the world’s largest community of DJ’s making a difference? 

The Last Night A DJ Saved My Life foundation (LNADJ) invites you to play a Set For Love for our Xmas Appeal, launching on World Children’s Day, 20th November & running until the end of December. Together we’re raising funds to create a sustainable future for children in developing countries.

It’s so easy to get involved! Simply register here, choose whether you want to host a livestream or a live event, select your dates and create your event page.  We’ll give you everything you need to promote your Set For Love and fundraise amongst your friends, family and fans.



The money we raise through this event will be used to support four of our campaigns:

Get Equipped – provides DJ and music equipment, musical instruments, music teachers, training and facilities to schools and various educational and community projects around the world.

Back on Track – provides food, shelter, education, equipment and the tools for a better life at a variety of children’s homes and community projects in developing countries.

Smiles For Life – provides cleft lip and cleft palate operations for children in The Philippines, transforming their lives.

Have A Drink On Us – This campaign funds the construction of freshwater wells in parts of India and Africa.  

Click on the button below for more details on our causes and how Set For Love funds have been making a difference.

From bedroom DJs to A list superstars – you’ll be joining a community of DJs that have already collectively raised over £165,000 since 2020.  Influential artists including Carl Cox, Sasha, Eats Everything, Miss Monique, Louie Vega, Anfisa Letyago, Nightmares On Wax, Huxley and many many more have already played a leading role.

Claptone, Mr C., DJ Pierre, Krafty Kuts, Barbara Tucker & many more will be launching the event with our own livestreams broadcasting on 20/21 November.

Set For Love made headlines around the globe last year when, together with you, we created the world’s largest simultaneous DJ livestream. 

A movement born during the depths of lockdown, our aim was always to unite DJs and save lives.


Music: The Samburu, remixed by Huxley, Fableist & Georgia Cee. Click here for more info.


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This campaign funds the construction of freshwater wells in parts of India and Africa including Uganda, Mozambique, South Sudan, Malawi and The Gambia. Providing clean, safe water to communities that need it the most is saving and changing thousands of lives.

The wells can serve communities of up to 1000 people for up to 10 years benefitting the whole community but especially the young girls of school age who are traditionally the water collectors in the family. Instead of spending hours a day finding water, children can receive an education.

The global pandemic has highlighted even more the importance of access to clean safe water and sanitation yet sadly we live in a world where 785 million people still do not have access to this basic essential of life.

Thanks to Set For Love funds weve so far been able to build another 10 wells, bringing our total constructed number of wells to 78 in Africa and India, meaning clean water daily for over 50,000 people. This is saving and improving lives every day.

We intend to allocate some of the funds raised through our next World Childrens Day appeal for more wells to be built where they are needed the most.

Just £15 will provide a family with clean, safe water for the next ten years!




Smiles For Life is an LNADJ campaign that funds cleft lip and cleft palate operations for children in The Philippines, transforming their lives.

Children born with cleft palates can face a variety of challenges including difficulty feeding, hearing problems, speech difficulties and dental difficulties. Children with clefts may also face social, emotional and behavioural problems due to differences in appearance and the stress of intensive medical care.

However, cleft lip and cleft palate can be corrected. In most babies, a series of surgeries can restore normal function and achieve a more normal appearance with minimal scarring

£300 funds a cleft palate operation!

Thanks to funds raised through Set For Love we’ve recently been able to bring our total number of operations to over 60.

The smiley face is the symbol of electronic music culture and to give the gift of a smile for life is priceless.

Through our Xmas Appeal – 2021 we aim to give many more Smiles For Life.




This project provides DJ equipment, musical instruments, training and therapy to schools and various educational and community projects around the world, assisting children to recover from trauma and building their confidence.

We are seeing amazing examples of how Get Equipped is changing the lives of young people through music. For example, at Angels Gate home for Street Involved Boys in Tanzania, having a safe space to pursue creativity is transforming the confidence, communication and expression of boys who have had a very tough life on the streets. The benefits of which will be felt for their lifetime.

Set For Love funds have been used to provide musical instruments and training for the music room at the Girls Development Centre that we helped to build in The Philippines. This centre provides counselling, rehabilitation and vocational training for young girls escaping sex trafficking and abuse. Music is a powerful tool in the healing of trauma.

Weve also recently supported Bridges For Music in Capetown, South Africa where young people from the townships are given an opportunity to attend their excellent music academy. Set For Love funds are currently being put to good use covering the daily cost of food for 20 students, making sure those bright creative minds are well-nourished!

We plan to continue to invest in and improve our Get Equipped studios and music rooms in a variety of facilities in developing countries, helping the children to advance even further and achieve more. This will include sponsoring the overheads at the Angels Gate music and art centre over the next year.



This campaign provides food, shelter, education, equipment and the tools for a better life at a variety of children’s homes and community projects in developing countries. These are some of the projects supported through Set For Love;

The Philippines – Building a Development Centre for Girls

Working with the partner charity Indigo Childrens Fund – weve contributed funds towards the building of a much needed new centre to support young girls escaping from abuse and trafficking within a children’s village in The Philippines . The centre opened in 2021 and provides counselling, rehabilitation and vocational training for over 50 young girls. The facilities are also accessible by up to a further 750 children from the community slum areas.

Nepal – funding the expansion of a school building and providing education in marginalised communities

We’ve also been able to fund much-needed extensions to a school building in Mithileshwar Mauwahi. This has enabled an increase in the number of students able to attend from this community from 87 to around 200. When not in use by pupils, the classroom offers training space for women to learn new skills. This is the first time this Muslim community from Mithileshwar Mauwahi have received any type of external support, especially focusing on their women and children.

Nepal – Lilys Leaves

We will be donating to funds to Lily’s Leaves, a social enterprise which provides support, training & materials to vulnerable young women in South Nepal, helping them to recover from trauma in safety, whilst earning an income.

Tanzania – Building new futures for street involved boys

Funds raised through Set For Love have contributed to our ongoing support of Angels Gate home for Street Involved Boys. The centre provides counselling, education, training, music, arts, nutrition and a safe home for boys who have been through a very tough time on the streets – from hunger and loneliness through to drug addiction and sexual abuse.

Funds raised through Set For Love have supported the centre in being able to provide a loving home for 9 new boys in the last year, including providing much needed items such as beds.

Tanzania – Preventing child labour and providing education

As a result of funds raised from the Set For Love World Childrens Day appeal we sponsored 36 children & got them out of the quarries and into school. They also received nutritional and medical support.

Tanzania – supporting the education of special needs children

Located at the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Feathers Tale Childrens Village supports children with special needs and disabilities.

Due to the demands of poverty, work and no support, parents with special needs children often have no choice but to leave their children alone whilst they work. Some parents are sadly even made homeless by the demands of raising a special needs child alone. Other children have HIV, sadly the stigma surrounding the virus still exists in the community

Weve been making a significant difference at the village for many years – including funding the construction of accessible homes for special needs children and their mothers as well as covering education costs.

Through our Xmas Appeal – 2021 campaign we’ll continue to support special needs children and their mothers at the village.


The Samburu, remixed by Huxley, Fableist & Georgia Cee

Created using the original sounds of the Samburu Tribe, Kenya

100% of all track sales go the Set For Love – Xmas Appeal 2021

Exclusively available on

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