LNADJ hosted the event for a 3rd year running in 2018. The funds raised paid for 20 cleft palate operations & helped to put smiles back on children’s faces in The Philippines!

Feathers Tale Children’s Village was conceived and started, due to the work of Sharetanzania.

Share Tanzania operates in rural Tanzania, in the foot hills of mount Kilimanjaro. The goal is simple, to alleviate poverty, and improve the lives of vulnerable children living in the area.

What they learned from their community support work with the children’s fund, they began to identify certain children who could not be supported in the community, or with guardians and foster families.

At the core of Feathers Tale are children with special needs and disabilities. Due to the demands of poverty, work and no support, parents with special needs children often have no choice but to leave their children alone whilst they work, and for all neglect can occur intentionally, it also occurs unintentionally with it.

Some parents are sadly even made homeless by the demands of raising a special needs child alone, which is how our first special needs child arrived at our gates.

Other children often had HIV, sadly the stigma surrounding the virus still exists in the community. Others were troubled and traumatised children, whom relatives could not cope with. Other were failed foster cases, where guardians mistreated the child despite our social work team outreach helping as best they could with education.



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