We arrived at Angelsgate to all 26 boys performing a dance for us. They then proceeded to dance to a ‘Last Night a DJ Saved My Life’ remix.

We were all very moved by their resilience towards what they had been through, and we could clearly see the healing aspects of music and dance. Once questioned if they’d like to learn DJing, they all agreed. So, the first spark for Get Equipped Africa was promise to return with some DJ Kit later in the year.

The full DJ kit was donated and taken over by Jonny in November 2017. Jonny then handed it over to Modest, one of the older boys, and he has got all the boys learning how to DJ.

Being part of that delivery and seeing the joy it gave them, brought clarity to the fact that this was a project worth expanding.

Due to a move to a new building, we were also able to provide funds to finance furniture for bedrooms, desks for their computer room along with access to laptops.#

Lots more to expand on in 2018 as we look forward to continuing our support.

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